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Brief Overview:

NEEKA or The International Fund for Health Well Being and Environment Conservation is a non Governmental organization that operates in the region of the Carpathian mountains. Founded in the late 90's with the primary goal of protecting the surrounding environment, we have since broadened our operations into a variety of social and humanitarian sectors.


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International Fondation for Health, Well-being and Environment Protection "Region Karpat" NEEKA is looking for donors and volunteers for conducting

summer camp on Tolerance and Mentorship.

The theme of this camp will be mentorship. Youth will be split into five groups of ten. Each group will consist of five older youth and five younger youth. The older and younger youth will be buddies and everyone will learn the importance of being a good example and a good leader. The groups will be mixed between Ukrainian and asylum seeking youth. Groups will be determined by age. Each group will be split between older and younger participants and the group will be of mixed ethnicity. This camp will jump start our mentorship program that will be sustained after the completion of the camp. Mentors and mentored will not be specifically matched until the end of the camp. This camp will give the opportunity for all involved to be comfortable with one another, to be trained in their functions and responsibilities, and to assess compatibility between older and younger participants.

Each day of this camp will be themed according to the overall camp theme of Mentorship. The sub-themes will include: Getting Acquainted, What is a Mentor?, Trust, Community, Positive thinking and Affirmation, and Listening. All of these sub-themes will address important attributes and responsibilities of mentors and mentored. Each theme will be supported by small group discussion and various games and activities.

Throughout the rest of the week there will be many competitions including: sports (football, basketball, volleyball…), games (egg toss, three legged race, crossing the border...), talent (dance, art, skits, final talent show). These events will fight xenophobia by having youth of different backgrounds and nationalities working together. Through teamwork youth will understand that being different is ok and that even though cultural barriers exist we are still able to relate through common interests.

One day will be spent cleaning the local park and promoting environmental awareness. This day in the park will be beneficial for promoting teamwork and leadership.

The last day of the week we will have a final talent show; at the end of the talent show we will present the winning team with a prize. The winning team will be determined by the various competitions throughout the month.

During month we will feed kids.

Location: Mukachevo, Zakarpattya region, Ukraine

Date: June - August (tbd)

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