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FARE (Football Against Racism in Europe) funded project:

"Organisation of a football match between local teams and a team of refugee youth of mixed nationalities in the town of Mukachevo"


Background Information:

The temporary accommodations centre in Mukachevo houses a number of refugee youth between 16 - 18 years old from a wide variety of countries including Afghanistan, Somalia, Iraq and Syria. Among the few activities that this multi-national group of young people were interested in, is football practice and playing between themselves in the courtyard. Keen to stimulate their interest, NEEKA applied to FARE (Football Against Racism in Europe) for the possibility of sponsoring a football match.

Football Match: The match was organised between a local club called "Meteor" and the refugee youth composed team called "Sitare". The theme of the game was football against racism and xenophobia. This activity consisted of intensive training for several weeks and finally culminated with a football match between these two clubs at a local stadium. Though the resulting score was 2-1 for club "Meteor" the primary goal of promoting cooperation and understanding was achieved. More games are planned for next year


Further reading:


FARE Football Against Racism in Europe website: http://www.farenet.org/


Line up of both clubs 'Meteor' in blue and 'Sitare' in white:


Both clubs wish the other good luck for the upcoming game and exchange handshakes


As the game gets going a goal kick sends the ball high into the air