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UNHCR (United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees) funded project:

“Provision of legal, social and material assistance for asylum seekers and refugees in the western Ukraine region”.


Background Information:

With the breakup of the Soviet Union the social system rapidly began to deteriorate and many people were living here in appalling conditions and could hardly afford to buy enough food. In addition the relaxation of border controls resulted in Ukraine becoming a major transit corridor for refugees and asylum seekers seeking to enter western Europe. As the situation was bad enough for the local population, asylum seekers and refugees found themselves in an even more desperate situation. Unable to enter into the European Union but equally unable to go back home, the situation was hopeless.

It is at this point that NEEKA began working to try and provide refugees and asylum seekers with basic assistance which today constitutes material, medical, social and legal aid. Seeing their active work in this field the UNHCR signed an implementing partner agreement with NEEKA which broadened the scope of their work and provided strict guidelines and standards to insure effective assistance to refugees and asylum seekers. This project has been active since the year 2000 is one of the longest and most extensive projects that NEEKA has been working on. There are currently over 10 people working full time on this project.


Legal Assistance: In the legal assistance department there are 6 lawyers, 4 based in Mukachevo and 2 in Lviv. Their task is to assist asylum seekers and refugees in the legal sphere by providing consultations to explain the asylum procedure at points where they are detained, by assisting with the registration process at the migration services, by providing legal representation in cases brought to the court or in the case of appeals and by providing other practical information and assistance about their newfound local environment.


Social Assistance: In the social assistance department there are currently 2 social workers and 1 psychologist all based in Mukachevo, (There are also 3 additional social workers who complement this team which are working under a separate DRC project) At times there are also up to 15 volunteers who assist in various functions. The task of this department is to provide social services to refugees and asylum seekers (children and adults) in the region which includes, psychological counselling, computer courses, various workshops, language courses as well as the organisation of various activities throughout the year such as field trips. The team also seeks out other partners to broaden the scope of activities especially for youth (FARE project and Renaissance Foundation project)


Material Assistance: The material assistance department involves a driver and the helpers from other departments who combine their work when such an activity takes place. The provision of material assistance mainly involves food and basic hygienic supplies which is complementary to what refugees and asylum seekers already receive from the government. Heath examinations and medical aid is also provided to those in greatest need. NEEKA is actively searching for partners to broaden the scope of this assistance to provide additional items such as donate computers, furniture and other materials to the two nearby temporary accommodations centre's (TAC's) of Perechin and in Mukachevo. (OEC project)


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Legal counselling


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Adult computer courses:


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