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Neeka International:

E-mail: info@neeka.org


Neeka Ukraine

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Tel: +380313132122

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Michurina 3

89600 Mukachevo



Neeka Hungary

E-mail: hungary@neeka.org


Tel:  +36-30 6958068

Fax: +36 44 409 108


Ady e ut 44

4722 Ny?rmeggyes



Neeka Romania

E-mail: romania@neeka.org


Tel: +40-733-671846


Fax: +40-262-289289


Katalin UT 14. Sz?m



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neeka mapOur organizations name NEEKA stands for The International Fund for Health Well-being and Environment Conservation from its Hungarian name "Nemzetk?zi ?let Eg?szs?g K?rnyezetv?delmi Alap?tv?ny a K?rp?tok R?gi?banis". NEEKA is a non governmental organization that operates in the region of the Carpathian mountains. Founded in the late 90's with the primary goal of  protecting the surrounding environment, we have since broadened our operations into a variety of social and humanitarian sectors. In addition to being located in a beautiful environmental location the region is also a major transit corridor for migrants and refugees seeking to enter the European Union

minineekalogoNEEKA Centre location


Brief History

For thousands of years Trans-Carpathia has served as a transit corridor linking Europe and Asia. Following the collapse of the Soviet Union, the social system in the newly independent Ukraine largely broke down. This was most notable in the health sector where numerous hospitals and clinics became largely dysfunctional. Together with their western partners, Neeka sought to close this gap as on entering the region it quickly became evident to staff that thousands of people were living here in appalling conditions. This was especially the case with asylum seekers and refugees who seeking to enter into the European Union but unable to do so, were equally unable to go back home. Many are detained every year when attempting to illegally cross the border into one of the 4 neighboring EU states and among this category 45% are women and children (the most vulnerable of all).

It is at this point that our organization began working with people to try and provide refugees and asylum seekers with basic assistance which today constitutes material, medical, social and legal aid. Neeka currently has centre's in Ukraine, Hungary and Romania but operates in the neighboring countries of Slovakia and Poland as well.


View a Photo Gallery of our activities from 1997 - 2005